Sunday, April 14, 2019

Turning 60 - part 2

The last 6 months are a black hole.  I remember the loquats just becoming ripe, and then nothing.  I missed the berry season, and the fig season.  

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were spent with my "sister from another mother" and her family, and my brother's family.  Thanks to them, it was a really nice time.  

I started to notice the first early February flowering Magnolias and Acacias, then the early fruit trees, and now in April, spring is still fighting with winter.  

The deciduous trees have thrown off their dead leaves for new ones.  The oaks have donned their bright green new growth.  And the seasonal creeks rattle and gurgle with flowing water.  There is a green carpet of grass everywhere.  

So, I turned 60.  
The first weekend was getting the gray out of my hair, and a lovely lunch with friend from former work.  

The 2nd weekend was my first bicycle ride since August.  Short and slow.  It's the next day, and I'm still sore and not moving much.  Spent the day typing.  Too many computer things to get done. 

But it's a start.  

Now I just have to keep going.  

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