Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Frustration mounting...

I've had my website happily hosted on Google Drive for a couple of years.  I've been very happy with it.  I don't think anyone else has looked at it, but it serves its purpose as an easy link location for me.

But now, Google has sent out a warning that it will end hosting at the end of August.  Their email stated:

Hello from Google,
We announced last year that we’re deprecating web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers. Our records show that you might have used this feature to publish a webpage or serve other web assets.
On Aug 31, 2016, we will discontinue serving content via googledrive.com/host/[id] and the webpages will not be accessible anymore.
As an alternative to web hosting in Drive, we recommend:
  • Blogger—An easy and free way to host websites.
  • Firebase Hosting— An alternative if you’re using the web-hosting feature to serve static webpages with items on Drive.
If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Google Support.

The Google Apps Team

Which is fine, except that Firebase costs money and requires a domain name.  

And no one I've emailed or talked to at Google can tell me how to host a site on Blogger!!  There it is - the first option in the email they sent, AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME HOW TO DO IT. I've tried Blogger support.  I've tried Google support.  I've tried the forums.  I've posted questions.  NOTHING.

Thanks Google.