Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Time flies when you are having fun? Rusty turns 19!


And here we are.  It's 2021 and almost everyone in my family survived the plague.  I lost a cousin, and almost lost my other cousin and uncle.  

Rusty turned 19 (best guess).  He's surviving.  He's usually a happy cat, but he doesn't purr as much as he used to.  

He's 4 years into a diagnosis of kidney disease, 2 years into heart disease, and was diagnosed last year with small cell intestinal lymphoma.  He doesn't like his nightly dose of anti-inflammatory, but it helps him feel better. And not throw up. None of the cancer drugs seemed to help the cancer.
    And, he lost a tooth!  One of his canines fell out.  He still bites me. 

His fur is a little ragged, and full of little clumps, but he's still a neat, clean and tidy cat.  And, he's still the smartest, friendliest feline I've ever owned.  He comes when called.  I'm going to miss my furry Rusty when it's time. 

What this is

I started a blog as Notes on Facebook, then moved to my old Mindspring page, but had to stop because I ran out of room.  Later, I moved it to my GDrive page, but updates were really difficult. So now, I'm trying Blogger.  We will see if I can get it to work. 

Originally, the blog was to document the acquisition of my 2 cats from my downstairs neighbor (and the trauma that involved). But, now I want to add more: about cats, science, Jeeps, and other topics where I want to do longer posts than FB will allow.  And now, you can add comments. 

Blogger is NOT user friendly, and has no way pin a post to the top.  Stupid.  Even more stupid, no shortcut links to the Archive, top of bottom.  Sorry.  This post has to stay dated in the future to stay at the top.  All the other dates in the Archive are the post dates.  Not the original dates.  Sorry. 
Rant over.

The website is back up.  Try  Yep, my very own domain name.