Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Time flies when you are having fun? Rusty turns 19!


And here we are.  It's 2021 and almost everyone in my family survived the plague.  I lost a cousin, and almost lost my other cousin and uncle.  

Rusty turned 19 (best guess).  He's surviving.  He's usually a happy cat, but he doesn't purr as much as he used to.  

He's 4 years into a diagnosis of kidney disease, 2 years into heart disease, and was diagnosed last year with small cell intestinal lymphoma.  He doesn't like his nightly dose of anti-inflammatory, but it helps him feel better. And not throw up. None of the cancer drugs seemed to help the cancer.
    And, he lost a tooth!  One of his canines fell out.  He still bites me. 

His fur is a little ragged, and full of little clumps, but he's still a neat, clean and tidy cat.  And, he's still the smartest, friendliest feline I've ever owned.  He comes when called.  I'm going to miss my furry Rusty when it's time. 

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