Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dog days of summer...

Leaves are turning, the grapes are purple on the vine, and it is time to pick them. It's been an interesting summer, spreading out the automobile fixes as money comes trickling in.  
I haven't had all 3 of my vehicles at home all summer. One or another has been in the shop since May.  
First the Jeep needed a new oil sending unit,
Then the Mustang got much needed shocks and struts,
Then the Jag needed an oil change, lube and well something is wrong with the cooling system,
Then the Jeep finally got new tires. The old ones were from 2002.  But it did very well at Sierra Trek. 

Then the front end of the Mustang broke. (see photo)
Now both the Jag and Jeep are overheating, and I'm waiting for the Mustang to come back to get the Jag fixed.  

All of this has cost an arm and a leg.  But, I didn't do any maintenance last year.  

So, it all evens out.  But I would really like to drive the Mustang again.