Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Video Games

Oddly, despite my love of computers, I've never been good at video games.  I'm OK with logic puzzles like Minesweeper & Sherlock. Love Tetris.  By despite years of tennis I could never play Pong.  Hopeless at Pac Man.  Anything where I needed to control something with a joystick.  Don't get me started on model cars...
But I realized that the reason I was hopeless is they were not true to life. No real world feedback.

I love my commute. But sometimes it's a real life video game.  
Things I have to miss on a random day:
3 point bucks walking down the street.
Flock of wild turkeys. 
Flock of peacocks.
Baby turkeys following mom.  They look like a puff of feathers on top of chopstick legs.
Male peacock in full display - in the middle of the street.
Male turkey in full display in the middle of the street.
Herd of deer - with fawns. 
Feral cats
Bobcat (once with kitten)
Puma (haven't seen one yet)
Coyote (I know they're out there - you can hear them)
Foxes!  2 little gray foxes. 
Random dogs
Bike riders (every day)
And random crazy drivers and gigantic trucks. 

And when the weather turns nasty, it's through the river and over the trees.  I got a flat tire on a fallen branch.

So, I have my fun every day in a real world video game, just getting to work.